Month: October 2018

Azerbaijan – Land Of Fire, A Crossroad of Asia, Middle East & Europe

Neither Europe nor Asia, Azerbaijan is an incredible tangle of contradictions and contrasts. It’s a fascinating nexus of ancient historical empires. Yet it’s also a new nation finding its feet as it emerges from a war-torn post-Soviet chrysalis on a petroleum-funded gust of optimism. Surrounded by semi-desert on the oil-rich Caspian Sea, the nation’s cosmopolitan capital, Baku, is a dynamic…

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Lure Your Muse Out Through Travel

Travel is such a creativity sparkler! Our Muses are that part of us that represents our deep creativity - love it when we get out of our routines, go to new places and venture out of our comfort zones. Here are a few reminders about what to do to make your Muse happy while you are traveling. Open your senses.…

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