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Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is an exotic land dense in history and touched by many civilizations. Discover much more than just history here, including jaw-dropping landscapes, sun-splashed four seas - the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, quaint seaside towns, glistening cities, colorful bazaars, whirling dervishes, and more.

This Eurasian nation spans the Anatolian peninsula and borders Europe's Balkan region. Surrounding Turkey are eight different nations, including Greece to the west, Iran to the east, Syria and Iraq in the southeast.

Turkey boasts a wealth of cultural sites, centered in the national capitol of Istanbul and scattered throughout the country. Istanbul is home to numerous museums, mosques, palaces, bazaars and towers. Many of the sights date from Turkey's days as capitol of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Visitors to Istanbul can also find more modern offerings in one of the city's enormous shopping malls.

For those in need of even more relaxation, Turkey boasts more than 1,000 thermal spas. This is due to its location atop one of the world's primary geothermal belts. Turkey's underground landscape is also accessible to tourists via any of the country's numerous caverns. The recreational sport of exploring caves, called spelunking, is a popular pastime.

One of the most precious and diverse treasures of Turkey is, of course, the Turkish cuisine. The variety offered by this magnificent heritage of flavors which evolved over the centuries with the blending of the culinary cultures of many communities and civilizations is limitless. Thousands of unique delicacies and specialties ranging from meat dishes to cold dishes with olive oil, from sorbets to spices are waiting to be served to guests from all over the world.

Best Season:Istanbul and European Turkey experience hot summers and cold winters with snow being a common feature. Spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid November respectively, are the ideal times to visit Istanbul and the inland regions when temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear.
Popular Location: Alanya, Izmir, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Cappadocia, Pamukkale

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