Meetings Incentives Conferences Events (M.I.C.E.)

Conference Service

It is not always easy to organize a meeting, an incentive trip or a conference abroad, are there often problems and challenges in the way like language problems, time differences and unique technical set ups in the other countries.

We start by understanding your corporate objectives, including the needs and interests of your audience, and how your event can help you fulfill those needs.

Working to your specific objectives, we then create your unique event from the ground up.

From creative development to logistical planning and programmed execution, we deliver innovative solutions.

Need for Incentives & Teamspirits

Increase performance, drive sales, improve safety and built loyalty with high quality incentive and team spirit programs at destinations of your choice. Allow us to show you spectacular places and provide professional advices.

We provide selection of multifaceted venue across the world that will surprise you with originality and number of opportunities that guarantee successful and unforgettable experiences. Incentive travel is important strategic tool for increasing business results and Metanoia Travel is there to help you achieve your goals.