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Why You Must Get Your Holiday Customized

Customized Travel makes more sense

  1. There’s more to travel than just the destination

Travelers don’t just travel to see a new destination. They expect to be seen as individuals and want to receive information and offers built on their preferences. And they want it delivered in a timely manner to their device of choice. And with the advent of social media, consumers are more transparent than ever so understanding them is now a real option and expectation.

The satisfied Traveler likes to share experiences .The success for travel companies will depend on their ability to engage their audience and provide contextual content. And customers don’t mind giving to get — four out of 10 travelers are willing to share data in the interest of customization.

  1. Customizing created bonding with the Bespoke Travelers

You need to familiarize with the traveler, the better and more customization you can offer. Tour and Travel management companies are individualizing their offer to allow companies to know at any point how to locate their employees so in situations like civil unrest or a natural catastrophe, immediate assistance can be provided. They are also exploring tracking functions like ‘SOS’ via mobile devices which would offer business travelers a direct link to a travel company for personal assistance, in any case of emergency.

  1. Customizing beats cliché

    Breaking clutter of “me-too” branding is a must. The differentiation vis.a.vis competition can also be achieved with customization. The Hospitality Industry is already capitalizing on this opportunity with a growing range of customized offers delivered via guests’ smart devices. Hotels are supplementing traditional room service with a texting-based system. So, for example, guests might be able to order their room service dinner from the back of a Cab while they are heading to their hotel. It harbingers Customer Loyalty and Brand Recall. A USP offered to the hotel guest that will ideally entice return visits and even positive recommendations and online reviews.

Customization can also help shift the customer’s focus from purely price to real value.

  1. Customization is a great carrot

Introducing Customization at the initial stages of travel inspiration, search and shopping can also influence and trigger purchasing decisions. Made to order, or shall we say ‘offer’ choices can eliminate traveler frustration and exhaustive searching amongst the plethora of Travel agencies, and Portals

For the Travel and Tour Agency there lies an opportunity through advancements in Customization by online advertising. Measurements done show  that when a relevant, Customized ad is displayed, there is an eight times greater click-through rate than for an targeted ad, and customers are eight times more likely to engage with an ad to schedule and plan a getaway.

  1. Customization- What does the future behold

The travel industry is still in the nascent stages of customization. There are many possible ways to increase customization such as based on Demographics and Psycho-graphics studies of Travelers such as social media relationships, ancillary sales, Geo-location and schedule disruptions.

Empowering the advancement of customization is technology, which will ultimately bring the traveler and travel agencies closer together. As companies integrate traveler preferences, social behaviors, buying patterns and other information, it will become easier to deliver on customers’ requirements.

Customization is not just about offering a service that someone wants, but offering it in the way they want to receive it – and when they want to receive it. And that’s the future of travel.