You Can Visit These Places in Europe Under 70 Euros p/n

Sometimes planning alone with an economical place to have your vacation gives us the difficulty to decide which place we should go. It is difficult to come up with a decision especially if you do not have any ideas yet in mind. With smart planning, travel awareness and a keen eye for spotting good deals, one can enjoy luxury travel, without burning a hole in the pocket. Exploring new places in lesser known destination is one key to experience luxury in budget.

Instead of reinventing the wheel by traveling west of Europe, places like Budapest n Hungary, Prague and Krakow are still waiting to be explored by the masses. Not only will there be a novelty in discovering new things about these places but they are much cheaper and for the price of a moderate accommodation in the popular circuit, you can enjoy five star luxury there.

Lets have a look at these destinations. ↓


Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital nestled on the River Danube, Budapest have always been one of the charming and dazzling getaway destinations in the Europe.

Budapest is actually made up of two cities which lie on either bank of the Danube River. Buda lies on the west bank and Pest lies on the east. This effervescent city is not just great for culture lovers, but is also ideal for adventurous families.


Budapest offers its visitors a great selection of theaters, museums, restaurants and nightlife. Any City Break in Budapest would be enhanced by a visit to one of its many thermal spas and open-air baths such as the King Spa which has preserved its exotic Turkish atmosphere.


Budapest boasts of very good accommodation services that can be deemed as affordable luxury. A Budapest hotel apartment equipped with all the modern facilities can be found in every corner of the city.

Whether it’s a Budapest apart hotels near the city center with the shopping area, or a private apartment beside the historical building like the Royal Palace, most of the Budapest apartments offer their guests an opportunity to enjoy the exciting sights just nearby their luxurious stay. Budapest meets all the European standards in the segment of accommodation, still the prices here are very low.

You can find high quality services in the Budapest apartments for half the prices that you need to spend in any other European country hotel.


With the Baltic Sea to its north, Poland is surrounded by Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia and a few other countries. The central European country was one of the first few countries to be attacked and taken over by Hitler’s Nazi regime. Today however Poland is a modern and developed country with a stable democracy and robust economy.

Poland is one of the best places offering value for money but without compromising on luxury amenities. With the expansion of the European Union and a wider range of cheap flights now available to us, cities such as Krakow and Riga are enjoying increases in tourism as more of us flock to experience Eastern Europe. And with a wide range of accommodation available – from upmarket city hotels to quaint little hotels and hostels dotted around the ancient city.

While Warsaw is also a great travel destination, Krakow has deep cultural roots and amazing food. Krakow is one of these cities which has become more popular with tourists, flocking to experience the delights of Polish culture and exploring the vast array of historical architecture and the boutiques nestled in amongst them.

The architecture, well maintained parks and spectacular view from the Wawel Castle, a heritage site, are not to be missed. Be treated like royalty by staying at luxury hotels like the Bonerowski Palace, that too at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost you in France, or even the next door neighbor, Germany.








Czech Republic

Czech too is an affordable luxury travel destination. It showcases an exciting history of Bohemia and Moravia, the two ancient lands that now make up the modern Czech Republic with Prague being a melting pot of expats that pour in from all over the globe and make it vibrant and lively.

The life of the city is centered upon the stunning Charles Bridge, which crosses the River Vltava. The Charles Bridge is packed in the peak summer months, with tourists and locals enjoying a stroll across the bridge, with its views up to Prague Castle and the cathedral.

The bridge itself has a number of resident artists and musicians, giving it a characteristic feel. The city centre includes numerous restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a good meal but, when you have some free time, try and make your way out of the city center. You’ll find that much of the city has plenty to offer.

Prague has also been declared as one of the safest cities in the world. One can book a luxury five star hotel or even get great apartments on rent at very reasonable rates here. The low cost but higher standard of living comes as a pleasant surprise to travelers who have to always be alert of people who fleece them.  Large, impersonal hotels are now very much in the minority, while boutique hotels are booming. Chateau-style rural hotels are also growing.

With availability of cheap no-frills flights to the Czech Republic from all major hubsFeature Articles, holidays in the Czech Republic remain affordable and a great alternative to the more traditional European holiday centres.







Tbilisi, Georgia

This is another as yet undiscovered gem of East Europe. Having been under Russian and Persian rule, this city offers a unique mix of European and Middle Eastern influence. It is a haven for Western travelers as dollars, pounds and euros are worth a lot in Tbilisi.

This Georgian capital is a great place for live music, jazz clubs and wine bars. It is on its way to soon become the Techno Capital of East Europe because of its delightful mixture of the modern as well as the traditional. The modern architecture such as the skyscrapers and contemporary buildings stand side by side next to the pockets of Eurasian heritage. Many factors make it an exceedingly vibrant destination.

Tbilisi also offers gastronomy tours where one can visit wineries, do some food sampling and of course, taste wine. Tastings are very generous and not just a sip! There are also free walking tours around the city. It is a good way to get around without spending a dime.


Mtskheta is one of the historic towns in the country, which can be found at the northern part of Tbilisi, it was the center of Christianity in Georgia during the 12th century. Mount Kasbek is Caucasus’ third highest mountain with its height being 16504 feet. Gudauri is a ski resort; here tourists can enjoy snowboarding, skiing and ski touring.

One of the finest tourist destinations in the Republic of Georgia is Sukhumi, it is Abkhazia’s capital and it is famous for numerous attractive beaches. It also features the remains of the Castle of the Georgian Bagratid King as well as the Shroma Cave. These Georgia tourist destinations attract those who like some adventure or relaxing on the beaches.

The Georgian cuisine is specific to the country and contains some influences from the Middle Eastern and European culinary traditions. The Georgian cuisine offers a variety of dishes with various herbs and spices. Georgian breakfast consists of toast or bread rolls with eggs, honey, marmalade and strong coffee. The main meal is traditionally eaten at noon.

This is known as the Mittagessen. Dinner or Abendessen is a smaller meal that consists of sandwiches only. Some of the important cuisines are kharcho (fiery rice and mutton soup), chizhi-pizhi (pieces of liver and spleen roasted in butter and whipped egg) and tabaka (crisp chicken) served with satsivi (pungent sour sauce). With so many things to offer, Georgia tourist destinations have made it an ideal country to visit.

Browse through the underground Meidan bazaar and the street markets of Rustaveli Avenue to pick some interesting souvenirs.

Here, the luxury hotels and boutique hotels are all affordable but the demand rises in summer as tourists flock here.


By doing some smart research and planning, you can have a great luxury holiday.

Here are some of the tips, gleaned from frequent travelers who have honed their skills of squeezing every drop out of their travel budget, and stretching their money to the maximum.

1. Your luxury travel experience can begin even before take-off. Find out how you can access the lounge services of the airline. Here, you can avail of hot showers, comfortable seating and also snacks and drinks. All this at no extra cost!

2. Choose the destination that has cheaper flights. Look for large immigrant population near your airport and you will discover the destination of the cheaper flights. For instance, Melbourne has one of the largest Greek populations outside of Athens. So, the air travel from Melbourne to Athens is relatively cheaper.

3. Traveling in off season not only saves money but is a great way to avoid crowds. The locals are also more relaxed and approachable during off season. Rainy season at beach locations or winters at mountain tops are a good way to beat the crowd.

4. Choose a cheap 5 star destination. If you want affordable luxury, then find a country where your currency can buy you a lot. Then find the luxury experience within it. In this way, your money can stretch out and give you much more than what you get for it in your home country.

5. Either book very early or risk it at the last minute to catch good deals for airfares At the last minute, you can get discounts on bookings which have been cancelled or empty seats on tours.

6. Visit museums and galleries late in the day. Many a times, they sell discounted entry tickets as the closing time is nearing.

7. Plan a mix of accommodation. By staying for few days at budget accommodations, you can save money that can be splurged on luxury stays at during the trip.  In all, you can stay in these amazing locations comfortably for Euro 70 per night which is a very good deal.


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